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Hello there. My name is Seph! Typically, I like to be credited as cavatica/cavaticaVA, and have my twitter (on the side) linked!

I'm a 19 year old aspiring voice actress. I live in northeastern Texas.

Funimation, as well as a large industry for theatre/general vocal work, is close to where I live, so I hope to get my name out in the world asap!

I would love to go into vocal work of any form-- be it dubs, video games, cartoons, theatre, and the like for all ages. I'm working on expanding my range and sharpening my singing skills.

Please contact me for any questions, inquiries, or role requests. I use Discord frequently, as well as Skype or email if needed.

Thank you for your time! I strive to improve my audio for recordings, as well as general delivery. Please let me know if you need any retakes, for I'm very much a novice but aspiring professional.


I will work with any budget, but I have been doing fandubs and free projects to start off. I require no payment at this time for a project. However, I am willing to work with any payment and budget both in general and in the future. (please ask for my general rates, but as stated, I am flexible with them!)


(This is a very outdated section. I try to retweet everything on my VA twitter (linked at the bottom)).

League of Legends voice packs as:
Star Guardian Lulu (finished)
Hextech Annie (finished)
DJ Sona: Ethereal (finished)
Winter Wonder Lulu (finished)
PROJECT: Katarina (finished)

Super Galaxy Annie (finished)

Danger Cat.exe (finished)
Pool Party Zoe (to be completed)

Guilty Gear: Rev 2 - Super Showcase Fandub as:
Elphelt Valentine (finished)

Let's Dub: Under Night In-Birth as

Orie Valadier (episode finished) (ongoing role)

Madoka Magica: Rebellion in 30 Seconds (Abridged One-Shot) as
Sayaka Miki (finished)

Citrus In 30 Seconds (Abridged One Shot) as

Yuzu Aihara (finished)
Matsuri Mizusawa (finished)

Doki Doki Dub Club! as
Natsuki (ongoing)

Hyrule Warriors Redux fandub as

Navi (finished)

Fire Emblem: Awakening Fandub as

Nowi (ongoing)

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Fandub as

Myrrh (ongoing)

Project Infinity (Youtube Series) as

Lettie Dale (ongoing)

Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade Custom Crit Quotes Dub as

Serra (finished)

Fire Emblem Heroes: Book 1, Paralogues, and Confessions (Batch 2) as

Sanaki (finished)

So This is Basically: FIRE EMBLEM as

Dragon (finished)

Below are my roles in abandoned/currently stagnant projects:

Super Danganronpa Fandub: The Sequel as

Mikan Tsumiki (ongoing)

Ib Fandub as

Ib (ongoing)

Hinako Note Fandub as
Ruriko Kuroyanagi (ongoing)

1BITHEART (Fandub!) as
Miumi Miclairno Mizuki (ongoing)

Fire Emblem: Fates Fandub as

Elise (ongoing)

Lilith (ongoing)

YouTube channel tba (Dangan Young):
Danganronpa 3 Future Side: Remade (Fan) as
Monaca Towa (ongoing)

SunshineDub (link tba):

Winx Club! Season 4 Fandub as

Stella (ongoing)

Doki Doki Literature Club - [Fandub] as

Natsuki (ongoing)


VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Fandub as

Dorothy Haze (ongoing)

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Game Fandub as

Hiyoko Saionji (ongoing)

Finished works are linked on the previously completed projects sidebar. Not all videos I am in are posted on the side, but they can all be found on my twitter!


Casting Calls and Auditons

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