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Hello lovely people!
I go by the name "Bliss" on the interwebs, and I'm just your average college gal, who is taking one day at a time. 

Muh Voice
If I could describe my voice I'd definitely say that I'm in the alto range, so perhaps somewhere on the medium - low spectrum? I do, however, still sometimes try to get into the higher ranges, as futile as that may be. Because all my favorite characters have voices in the high ranges and I wanna be like them too darn it!!!

Muh Hobbies

☆ Art is my true passion. I drew my icon, and I'm quite proud of it!

  • ☆ I tell myself that my goal is to become a 2D or 3D Artist for a Game Company -- Indie or otherwise. However, there are a lot of directions that an artistic path can take and I'd rather be open to those opportunities.

  • ☆ This may be shameless self promotion but I uh, have an Instagram for my art if you're curious o.o (@blissthelioness)

☆ I'm working on an Otome Game with my bestie.

  • ☆ Don't tell anybody.

☆ I study different languages in my free time. 

  • ☆ I've been learning Spanish and Japanese for years now and recently set my sights on Korean and French. I'm not fluent in any of them, but I can understand some basic Japanese and Spanish. My goal is to become fluent in at least 1 other language, I don't even care which one it is!

☆ I try to Voice Act
  • I am here because I have always wanted to try this. Being able to become a character and bring them to life is fun whether you're drawing them or acting them out. This may be a hobby for me, but its one that I take seriously. I want to always improve, and at the end of the day, I want to be able to look back and say that I gave this VA endeavor my very best. 

Anyway, thanks for checking this out. Hopefully I'll see you around :)
- Bliss

Favorite Voice Actors:

  • Ray Chase (favorite role of his is Noctis)

  • Robbie Daymond (favorite roles of his are Prompto)

  • Cherami Leigh (favorite role of hers is A2)

  • Amanda C. Miller (favorite role of hers is Sailor Jupiter)


I charge $0 and 0 cents~ I'm hoping to gain a little bit of experience first from this!


Completed Roles:

❋VALKYRIA CHRONICLES: Honor Pride and Regret (fandub) | FreemanVocalStudios

❋Fate/Grand Order: Puppy Love (comic dub) | FishyFried

Young Cuhulainn

❋Teen Titans: Starfire vs. Blackfire (comic dub) | Bulma Bunny


Work in Progress Roles:

❋Pretty Cure: All Stars (fandub)stardustzva

❋Pretty Cure: Magical Miracle (fandub)Inverti Herikawa

 Cure Sunny / Akane Hino

❋Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (fandub) | aamebell


❋Fire Emblem: Heirs of Fate (fandub)Galeforce1228

❋A Day Before Us (fandub)Bluooogawhale

❋Fire Emblem: Awakening (fandub)whiterose-crimson


Other Roles:

❋Final Fantasy X (fandub) | mesden

❋Back to Ecto Lab (original animation)peach-n-key


Casting Calls and Auditons

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