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  • Robotsimmer on Feb 12
    Received voice work

    an amazing voice actress! so glad to have you on the team! :D
  • Moface on Jun 08
    Received voice work

    Anodyne is a brilliant voice actor! She has a wonderful range, is highly professional, and a real pleasure to work with. She submitted her lines very quickly and offered multiples takes for me to choose from. 10/10 would work with her again! :)
  • Just Simply Az on Jun 13
    Received voice work

    Having Anodyne as a voice actor is great. You can cast her without worrying about audio quality, lack of expression and line deadlines; she always is at top performance.

    In terms of her acting skills, they're amazing! She can express emotion and feeling easily. From the little time I've known and casted Anodyne, she hasn't let me down at all. Depending on the situation, she can act: quirky, serious and anything you could possibly think of - she can do it. In terms with pronounciation, you don't have to worry - not too long ago, I asked her to say these lines with fantasy-like words and she said them as if they were real words. As a person, she is really kind and fun to work with.

    Overall, if you're looking for a reliable voice actress who has great audio quality and who could get in their lines on time, then you won't be disappointed with Anodyne.

    Here is a video in which she has worked for me: (keep in mind, this was her old mic)
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