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Video Game Work:

  Milla from Freedom Planet (Wii U, PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch)

  Alysia in Battlerite (Steam)

  Ktara in Siegecraft Commander (PS4, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Switch)

  Sirina in Crush Crush (Steam)

Commercial Work:

  King of Avalon App (National Australian TV Commercial)

  Quickbooks Self Employed App (App Store Advertisement)

  Telstra's S9 (Tamworth Radio, 88.9)

  AIE's Open Day (Spotify Advertisement)

IVR/On-Hold Messaging Work:

  Gold Age Aged Care (IVR)

  Hazard Sky Fabrication (Voicemail)

  United Cinemas in Narellan & Rockingham (IVR)

  Cleaners Hub in NSW & VIC (IVR)

My Teaching/Appearances:
  Voicebooth Guest Lecturer at Gamer and Animation VO Workshop (Sydney 18)
  Oz Comic-Con Panelist - 'Voiceover for Australians!' (Sydney, 18)
  Border Dimensions Panelist - 'Q&A about Voiceover' (Albury, 18)
  Campbelltown Library Panelist - 'International Games Week: Q&A' (Campbelltown, 18)
  Eaglevale High School Speaker - 'International Women's Day: Speaker' (Eaglevale, 18)
  Central Coast Comic-Con - 'Voiceover for Australians' (Gosford, 19)
  SMASH Panelist - 'How to Find Character Voiceover Work' (Sydney, 19)
  SMASH Panelist - 'Mock Video Game Auditions!' (Sydney, 19)
  GCAP Panelist - 'How To Find the Right Voice Actors For You Game' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voices of Tomorrow Workshop - 'Video Game Voice Acting Workshop' (Melbourne, 19)
  PAX Panelist - 'How To Find Character Voice Acting Work' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voices of Tomorrow Workshop x 2 - 'Video Game Voice Acting Workshop' (Melbourne, 19)
  Voicebooth Guest Lecturer - Virtual 'Video Game Voiceover Discussion' (Online, 20)
  Freeplay Panelist - Virtual 'Mock Video Game Auditions' (Online, 20)



Only paid work.

Contact me at [email protected] for more information -  I'm always happy to negotiate pricing with indie developers, so don't fear getting in touch! :)


Video Game/Animation Clients: GalaxyTrail, Blowfish Studios, 9Fury, Love in Space, Games Foundry, Nekomura Games, uCool, LINE Media, Stunlock Studios, Aphmau, Esperware, Mystery Egg Games

Commercial Clients:
Telstra, Campos Coffee, Academy of Interactive Entertainment, University of Technology Sydney, Soul Origin, Spotify, BNKR, Highgrove Bathrooms


"I've worked with Aimee periodically since bringing her in to voice one of our animal characters in 2012. I didn't even know she was Australian when she first auditioned because she's really good at changing her accent to whatever the project requires. She has a good home setup so we've been able to do our recording sessions online when needed. Overall, a top-notch voice actress to work with!"
- Stephen DiDuro, GalaxyTrail, CEO

Casting Calls and Auditons

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