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Hello, my name is Julisa Lopez. I'm an American actor and voice-over artist. Acting started out as a hobby, but the more I acted and did voice-over work, the more I realized that this is what I love doing.  I like to treat everything I do with much care. If I am going to do something, I’ll give it my all and be as professional as I can be. Since acting is a passion of mine, having fun is a given. Voice-over is more than just a job for me. It’s something I look forward to doing. I love bringing characters to life. I’m also a huge bookworm and I just love reading story lines and seeing how the story affects all characters. Honestly, I’m just a geek who loves cartoons! Loving cartoons has allowed me to be aware of how one can portray emotions solely through the voice.

When working with me, expect someone who is patient, a fast learner, creative, has a wide range of vocal skills, and who has much dedication.
I am also fully bilingual, I'm able to speak and translate dialogue to and from SpanishAs for availability, as long as you let me know what works for you, I’ll make sure I can fit your needs. I strive for excellence, and will work until my client is pleased.

For professional projects please email me to discuss rates. All prices ARE negotiable. For recording, I am willing to travel to record in a local studio or a studio of your choice. I do also have a professional home audio recording setup.

Feel free to contact me here or directly

Email: VoiceOver AT JulisaLopez dotcom


I am very much looking forward to working with you!!!

Some words that describe my voice:

Animated, Exciting, Sincere, Caring, Spunky, Quirky, Heroic, Energetic, Comedic, Child-Like, Girl Next Door, and Natural


Rates are negotiable: by word count or by hour
Willing to work on small projects for limited pay.


Please refer to my  resume:


Valory Pierce - Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dubs

Crumbling Cube - Star Wars Thoughts

                                - Game of Thrones Thoughts

Julisa "actingbuggy" Lopez - Miss Abbott & the Doctor 

                                                    - Batfam: Inkydandy Comic Dubs
Jordan "JoeyKat" Sailors - Star vs the Forces of Evil Comic Dub
Ronnie "RileyChase Fox" Donaldson - Fairy Tail Comic Dubs

BeyondEons - Summoning Ezreal! by Skestar

Matthew "Matt360" Cuff - Justice Universe: Lego Green Arrow

Joseph Teddick "AckarProductions5" - Lego Flash Series

LuckyCharmz HD - Game Masters

Indie/Dev Games:
Kevin Smith - Hell on Wheels

Christine Wright - Suki 

                                - Arco

Rightstick Studios - Wonder Wickets 

Oneiric Entertainment - Emmerholt 

Most Oldest People - Merry Mayhem

Amanda Simmons - Tiny ToyFare 

Jasmine Johnson  - Xterminator 

ADR English Dub:
Gusto Studios - Bommi & Friends
Hefei Kada/KungFu - The Spirit of Herbal Medicine
                                      - Amazing Haku of Daddy Baby
                                      - Super Small Star: Super Detectives

Visual Novels/Audiodrama:
A.G. MacDonald - Summoner: Origins
WGA Productions - The Asteroid Belt

Bushell Media - The Faith Kids


"Julisa is
truly professional, dedicated and hardworking talent at such a young age. I
have been in this industry for more than 15 years, and finding talents like
Julisa is very difficult. This is not just about Julisa's voice, but about her
other hidden talents as well. I had the opportunity to work with Julisa and
found out her talent in voice direction, script writing, etc. Julisa is a team

About Julisa's voice, highly talented and versatile voice artist. I strongly
recommend Julisa for any kind of project for her professional work and
commitment. I had a great time working with Julisa and we shall keep working
together for upcoming projects too. All the very best with Julisa!"

Senthil Kumar K R

Creative Director of Gusto Studios

"Julisa is by far one of the most talented and
enthusiastic voice actors I've had the pleasure of working with, she puts so
much life and energy into the roles she plays and her vocal range is
impressive. It won't be long until you hear her voices across cartoons on TV
and mainstream video games, she's got what it takes to go far in the

Matthew Cuff

Director/Writer for Justice Universe 


“Julisa has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
She is professional and gives quality work and diverse performances which
embodies characters and their essence and she is always willing to try on a new
role outside her comfort zone

Valory Pierce

Creative Director

Casting Calls and Auditons

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