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Hello! Call me Zora! I love to voice act and sing! I'm strong in enthusiastic and cheery female characters on the higher pitch.

I'm 16 and currently in highschool. I love to sing. dance, read, and play piano!

Started exploring my strong passion for voice acting 2021 mid-February. 

I do not have any experience in drama or theatre classes nor live directing, which is why I am taking a drama class in my high school for the first time. Truly excited to see how that goes! For singing, I did two years of choir performances in highschool.

In my spare time I like to create content of me doing voice acting impressions of anime characters like Armin from AOT, Killua from HxH, Genshin Impact characters, etc. 

Projects I'm involved in on CCC (may be ongoing) 
Madame Ping - Genshin Comic Fan Dub
Hikaru - Cure Star
Azshara - Warbringers Azshara FANDUB Recast
Jean - Genshin Impact Manga Fandub Chapter 2
Hinata Hanabashi - Life or Death: Episode 1
Monika (DDLC) - Poker at the Inventory Z: A Dubbed - Fan Comic Series
Sophie - Crusade, Minecraft Roleplay Series
Melissa - Friends Forever, Minecraft Roleplay Series

My Contacts
-Discord: Zora#5872
-My gmail: zoraofficialva 

Social Media
Tiktok: zora_seiyu 
Instagram: zora_seiyu


I do unpaid projects! I have no way to be paid at the moment.  



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