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Music Composer
  • Skills
    Music Composing
    Choir arrangement
    Balkan Music
    Rap Music (Learning)
    Singing (Kinda)
  • Genders
  • Languages
    English US
    French (some)
    Romanian (some)
  • Ages
    Young Adult/Teen
  • Accents
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I am a composer who writes in the style of Balkan brass cultures in Europe.

I really want to help people with their projects in any way that I can. I'd be willing to help you with whatever that I can do.

If you want to contact me, my Discord username and ID is ZGoenMusic#3707, my Twitter handle is @ZGoenMusic, and my email is goenzanie(a)gmail.com . Feel free to contact me in any of those ways.

I hope to satisfy you in any way that I can!
          - Zane Goen, <3


If I'm interested in the project being proposed to me, or if I throw myself at you, then I'll stick with the price point proposed. Otherwise, pricing is negotiable if I agree to do it, however I can refuse requests if I'm uncomfortable with it.

If you absolutely need a number, I usually go for $10-15 per song, or $150 for everything in a single batch.


Music composer credits

  • Ongoing Projects

  • AnioTV - My Middle Earth

  • Binzieboop - Cranitopia

  • Guardians Games - The Legacy of Greyleaf

  • Greg Witter - CRAZY GREG FILMS

  • Hayden Roberts - Kuni No Senso

  • Nikko C. Rivera - The Assasin's Follower

  • Mark Chandar - 1991P (ending cue)

  • Songbook collections

  • Zane Goen's Symphony (Volumes 1-4)


  • Bella Ciao - Hello Beautiful!

  • Down Damascus Road - Down the Road of the Lord's Path to Salvation!

Original Song Arrangements

  • Fludda - Broke My Heart Into Two


If anyone needs a composer for a soundtrack,, Goen is a great choice. He's well versed in multiple genres and is very easy to communicate with. - Scott Avery, lyricist and choir conductor

I'm definitely not used to this style of music but it was fun to record in Spanish for once! It was great working with Zane and I'd gladly be up for any future projects. - Nacchi, vocals for "Moliendo Café"

These are fantastic. The quality is something that I would think would take a few days for each one. - Sean Engel, producer & writer of "Dragon Tamer from the City"

Like the thing that I have imagined and dreamt of is coming real. even if the game doesn't get any sort of traction at release you all at least made my (and hopefully jacob's but I never know with him.) dreams come true - Eveline Brooks, Writer and Director of "The Legacy of Greyleaf - The Heroine's Song"

I'm glad I could be of good help for you man, and I wanna thank you too for all that music and hard work you've given, you've helped keep my channel out of harms way, and I hope to have your help again in the future man. - Greg Witter, CRAZY GREG FILMS

bro ur love and dedication for the group is my will to live - Diwidly, Voice of Akua Harada, Leader of Abyss Idols

Casting Calls and Auditons

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