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Hey there!  My name is Brad, and I love to use my voice!  Despite what my username says, I don't actually record in my attic, but have a treated area that I use; mainly I just wanted to sound mysterious.

I'm passionate about video games, anime, cartoons, and basically any form of storytelling.  I'm a big fan of Lovecraft, Mob Psycho, Dark Souls, and many other imaginative things.  When I was younger, I would try to imitate the voices from my favorite shows and games.  Now, I make  the voices.

When it comes to voice acting, I try to be as professional as I can, always adhering to deadlines, creating the highest quality product I can, and communicating when things aren't going as planned.  I always enjoy feedback, and am willing to  re-record when necessary, and will apply critique provided to me.  You can't improve if you don't know where you're weakest!

My strengths lie in narration, friendly, spiritual, neurotic, sinister, psychotic, and monstrous characters (wow, those are some conflicting adjectives!) .  I am always experimenting with my voice, and love to challenge myself with different characters. 

A few things to be aware of with me: because of my religious background, I try to avoid profanity and erotic or vulgar themes.  I also prefer not to work on Sundays.  I likely won't work on an unpaid project unless it peaks my interest.  That being said, I try to be easy to work with, and have fun in my projects.

I hope your project is a success, let's go make something wonderful!


Willing to work for practically nothing... sometimes literal nothing... but I would prefer something.


Histogram Games - Bleeding Kansas (John Cook)

Optipersona - Tales From the Gameverse (Young Marshall Bennett)


Yossarian22 - Fallout: Salt Lake Stories (Mr. Bowie, Mongomery Gator, Marti the Fly,                                Bone-eater Murdock)

Anthologies of Ullord - The Spiritual Nomad: Inspiration (Narrator)



"He has a great voice. For us, he made an amazing narrator. He turned in his lines early and was pleasant to work with."

-Phantasmal Bard Studios

"A professional, patient, and talented voice actor. Is a pleasure to work with, and follows script instructions to a T. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to spice up their project with a dedicated performer!"

"He's a great guy and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. He also shows a great empathy for his roles. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would do so again without hesitation."


Casting Calls and Auditons

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