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Voice Actor
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A Canadian voice actor, eh?

My mission is to serve my clients by giving excellent, high-quality voice-overs in a timely fashion. It is my sincere hope, and firm intention, that everyone I work with receives the sleek, professional audio they deserve.

Discord: Spencer_S#4547
Personal Website: https://spencersvoiceovers.com/


Disclaimer: does not accept bits of string.


GabaLeth Youtube Channel, The BEST Way to Travel in Breath of the Wild 2 [Link] See Here

GabaLeth Youtube Channel, "Pokéballs in Pokémon Legends: Arceus [Legends Lucas] See Here

Couriering Ain't Easy - A Fallout New Vegas Project [Kane Adkins]

Fallout Cascadia Mod [Presidential Guard]

Palace Drama: American English Game Project [Various Extras]

Doctor Aphra and Star Wars Annual 2 | Comic Dub [Extras]

Fallout: Family Matters [Angel Eyes] See Here

Grimkipp's "The Voices In My Head." [Harper]

Fallout: The Frontier [Henio, Generic Legionary] See Here

Haunter of the Woods [News Reporter] See Here

Saeed Pourreza, English as a First Language Narrations [Various Roles]

Fate Team, "Fate/Stay Night Abridged (2006 DEEN Version) [Souichirou Kuzuki]

George Keller (Green Moon Productions), "Lustrias – An Episodic Fantasy Audio Drama and Visual Novel" [Bikaar Portune] Ongoing

BAM Production, "Berserk The Audio Manga, Episode 1: The Black Swordsman" [Thug #4] See Here

Stebbins High School Marching Band 2018, "The Ties That Bind" [Narrator] See Here

GabaLeth Youtube Channel, "Mario, Zelda, and Smash Bros. Compliation 2" [Narrator] See Here

Mandy Porto, "Tomb Raider Comic Dub Issue #5" [Extras] See Here

Alex Duos Youtube Channel, "Fallout 4 Let's Play" [Doomed Brotherhood Initiate] See Here

AzureXtwilight, "Re:Set Phase 1: Trailer/OP" [Greed] See Here

(Forthcoming) Legend of Xanadu English Dub Project [Markasto] See Here


Testimonial - Saeed Pourreza (ESL Voice Overs)

What Saeed had to say about Spencer:

"I highly recommend Spencer. He is a treat to work with: fast turnaround,
beautiful voice, pleasant. He read me an anecdote and it was pitch
perfect. Not a single beat was out of sync. He made the story his own
and skillfully brought it to life. Great job!" 

Testimonial - Chefra2 (Star Wars Comic Dub)

What Chefra2 had to say about Spencer:

"Even though Spencer just played some extras in my project, be did an Amazing job! He played 5 extras and gave all of them the perfect voice and the perfect amount of emotion. He got all the lines in on time and had great audio quality. Would be happy to work with him again."

Testimonial - Actionfighter11 (Fallout: The Frontier)

What Actionfighter11 had to say about Spencer:

"Throughout the recording process, Spencer was highly patient and dedicated to delivering the best performance possible for our project. He truly explored all possible options for his character and was very respectful of directions given while also providing his own interpretation, creating a synthesis of both sides. He truly is a valued member of Fallout: The Frontier's voice cast. If anyone is looking for a voice actor with talent and commitment, I'd highly recommend reaching out to him."

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