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In her youth, Erin would practice monologues in her living room and record herself, as all characters, in audio dramas on micro cassettes. Nowadays Erin can be heard regularly voicing characters on the popular The No Sleep Podcast, hosting the SubverCity Transmit podcast, as several video game characters, narrating fiction and nonfiction audiobooks and as the official voice for commercials for Marriot, Jeep, Harry & David, numerous corporate explainer videos and voicemails around the nation. Her ultimate goal is to be a timeless voice in an amusement park.


$10 per 50 words


  • Video Games

  • Seeking Dawn VR Game

  • Stifled -  Horror Video Game

  • Dark Romance 5 - Video Game

  • Heroes Call - Video Game

         Podcasts and Audio Dramas
         Host of The Sapphic Cast
         Mrs. Morwood on Calling Darkness
         Regular on The Grey Rooms
         Guest on ZOO Podcast
         Regular on The Alexandria Archives
         Jenny Walker on Congeria

  • Regular narrator on the No Sleep Podcast

  • Host of SubverCity Transmit

  • Guest on the Dear Mattie Show

  • Regular narrator on the Mash Stories Podcast

         Television and Web Series

         Our Haunted Destinations - Narrator

         Radio Commercials

  • Marriott Hotels

  • Kia dealerships

         Social Media and Web Only Commercials

  • Jeep Stroller

  • Harry and David

  • Enstrom Candies

  • Johnny Bruscos

  • Oxnard Strawberry Festival

  • Nora Sleep Aid

  • YogaMe

  • HelixNuts

  • Avon

  • ThinkRealty

         E-Learning and Explainer Videos

  • Charter Gateway 

  • AP College Board

  • City of Los Angeles

  • Spear Online

  • Helix Nuts


"Erin does the best evil spirit voice.  I love, love, love what she did for my character. " - Fiverr Customer

"I needed a robotic voice and this was perfect. I also needed something that sounded slightly passive aggresive and this just worked. Absolutely amazing service." - Fiverr Customer

"I appreciate how Erin is so fast with her replies and she does a good job in it! The outcome is far better than what I expected! Looking forward to working with her again!" - Fiverr Customer

"Fantastic! Quick on delivery and took the order seriously and with creativity in mind. I love this! This is going to sound amazing with a couple of filters and edits! Thank you so much! I couldn't be more satisfied!" - Fiverr Customer

"I needed a voice actor to portray a scene in a book that I recently published. To do this part, the actor had to be able to change her voice dynamics several times, to represent the different characters in the scene. In this regard, Erin was nothing short of brilliant! What an amazingly talented actress!" - Fiverr Customer

Casting Calls and Auditons

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