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I will be largely inactive from June 2018-August 2018 due to training. I will be back, so feel free to message me and listen to the auditions I have already done. See ya soon!


I'm actually getting deployed -- So I will be taking a longer break than expected. Most likely to return around May of 2019. Still. Feel free to message as I should still be able to do some audio engineering work.

About me: 

     My name is Noel and I'm currently a student at Towson University. I'm an electronic film and media major as well as a computer science minor. When it comes to things that I like I'm a pretty diverse person. I love a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, shooting, swimming, and long walks on the beach. I'm also a huge nerd. I play a lot of video games... like a lot. My two favorite series being Mass Effect and the Legend of Zelda. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some TACTICAL FPS ACTION  as well; usually I play Rainbow Six Siege or SWAT 4 for my fix there. I try to balance the overwhelming  nerdiness with being in the Marine Corps Reserve and lifting SEMI-HEAVY WEIGHTS AND THEN PUTTING THEM BACK DOWN. I also love football and recently REALLY got into hockey. My teams be the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
      I always wanted to get into voice acting, or have at least flirted with the idea for quite a while. After discovering that my school had professionally built whisper rooms and studios available to EMF students I figured there was no reason NOT to try it. So yeah. Here I am. Oh yeah I can also edit audio and video decently well. I've also directed my fair share of short films and other projects. Fun stuff, am I right?

 Кроме того, я немного говорю по-русски ;)

Vocal Range:
Medium low to medium high.
"Protagonist" voice 
Younger boy voice

Contact Info:
If you've got any questions or want me to try out some lines, you can message me here.
Twitter - @NoelSadak 
Discord - SauceDaddy#7517
Instagram - noelsadak

Proficient in:
Pro Tools
Final Cut
Adobe Premier Pro 


Anything appreciated - Nothing expected



Currently Working on:
Lifers - Gangster
Fallout: West Coast Blues - NCR Radio Host 
Alone Together - Extras

The Bashful Series [18+] - Bartender

The Dreamer's City - Audio Drama -- Driver Guard

Finished Projects:
Akatsuki no Yona Dub/Manga Dub - Heuk Chi & Han Joo Doh

Fire Emblem Heroes Dub - Navvare

Fire Emblem Awakening dub - Chrom (Prince) 

Kotoura-San Episode 6 Dub - Manabe

Party Goer #1 & #2 - Bioshock Audio Drama: "12 Days To Midnight"

Fallout: The Frontier - Doctor Pichard

Audio Engineer:

Currently Working on:
Unnamed Project


My mom says I have a nice voice

Casting Calls and Auditons

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