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Professional actress and voice artist with many years experience. 3 times nominee for the One Voice Award as Best Female in Animation and Games, Television Documentary Narration and Radio in Dramatic Performance. Professionally trained. English RP, good at accents, warm, confident, sincere,rich voice and  good sight reader. London Based.


Happy to negotiate over pricing depending on project and budget.


Metro Radio various commercials

Mo Face - D-D-Demon!! Manna Magi: Blood Moon {Fan Dub: Part 1]- Harpy Teacher
Mo Face  - Unfamiliar - Alice -
Steven Holland Mistletoe - Radio Misteltoe - Rubella Frederick 
William Markwelder - Fallen Pheonix - Agent Jane
Tatbrit - Council Of Grit - Private - 
Mr Dent - Umineko - Kyrie Ushiromiya
Burt Bones - She Made Me Do It - Aunt Ruth
ElderScroll Theatre - Wicked - Elphaba Thropp
ElderScroll Theatre - Skyrim Machinima - Sims 3 - Valdemar's Mother
ElderScroll Theatre - To the Moon Machinima(Sims 3) Isabelle The Adult
ElderScroll Theatre - To the Moon Machinima(Sims 3) Isabelle The Elder 


On Aug 07

<p>Margaret Ashley is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has a warm, strong voice and the ability to convey feeling with ease. She delivers quality work on time, and went beyond my expectations as the voice of Alice in the Unfamiliar series. 10/10 would recommend! </p>

How you're acquainted: Received voice workThank you so much for auditioning to be the Harpy Teacher! Your voice is absolutely perfect for her, and I loved the tone! I'm only sorry that she doesn't have more lines for you to say! :D 

Since your audition was great, I won't need another recording at this time. 

You really captured her personality and we would love to work with you! 

Hey there, I felt it was genuinely cruel on any other potential actresses to keep Rubella's casting call open after your phenomenal audition. So this'll be the only one I'm closing before the call's end date :)
Let me know if you're still up for this and I can send you your lines - and thanks for the amazing audition, it was 100% what I was looking for!

Wow! What a flawless transition from reassuring to chilling! That was excellent!

You always sound phenominal! You sound perfect for a teacher role!

Keirlad05 on Jun 05 

I just saw your latest audition it was amazing! If you could would you be able to check out my latest project and audition?

Wow your voice is perfect for this!! I loved it.

Thank you very much, you did a phenomenal job! Mr Dent

This is perfect Margaret Ashley! Thank you again; you're an absolute life saver, and I love how you voiced her!!!  Moface on Alice Necromancer character in Unfamiliar.

Role:Valdemar's Mother

Beautifully executed!
Very crazy! haha
Thank you!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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