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Sophia /// 18 /// United States

Hello, welcome to my page, that for some reason beyond my understanding, you have found yourself at. 

I've been voice acting for a little bit over a year, and I mainly lend my voice to fan projects, specifically for the Danganronpa fandom and the DC fandom. However, I am more than open to participating in original works as well as works outside of these two fandoms.

Some of my favorite roles have include Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Mukuro Ikusaba, Kirumi Toujou, and Lileth. While looking through my previous clients tab, you are likely to note that very few have any link to where you can listen to me do the voice other than the audition. This is because many of these projects are still in progress and in most cases I am waiting for a script still.
I am also a director and video editor, being in charge of the Dark Nights: Metal fandub and editing all videos for said project. I also co-lead Operation Good Ending-- a New Danganronpa V3 fan group that focuses on more happy interactions between the characters. I run Dangan Ronpa: Makai Mountain, a Fanganronpa game that I am both writing and coding and I am also currently writing and coding a second, original visual novel. 

You can also contact me on my voice acting blog lapis26619c


Free because I'm far from a professional at the moment.

However, if anyone would want to hire me to do voice work, I would be more than willing to discuss prices with them in private messages!


DR Fluff Voices: Mukuro Ikusaba

Ruins of Hope: Natsumi Orisho
ChoicesFilms: Lila Sethi
Danganronpa Fragmented Hope: Nami Kashiwazaki
Danganronpa Blooming Hope: Ayane Fujita
Ascension: Lady Killian
V3 Rewrite: Kirumi Toujou
Danganronpa Academy of Hope: Kirumi Toujou (previously as an understudy, now the permanent voice)
RWBY Abridged: Emerald Sustrai
Danganronpa Confronting Despair: Tamura Sano
DC Universe: Ungodly: Hate Jacket
DC Comic Dubs: Batgirl
LEGO Justice League Future Crisis: Wonder Woman
Death's Last Whisper: Fallout New Vegas mod: Lileth


None at the moment, but I'm always looking for some!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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