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I'm Hem Cleveland, I live in the UK and I love acting.

From cold and clinical villians, to upfront dangerous criminals, to hyperactive over talkative characters, I enjoy performing it all. I have a few voices and accents I like to play about with and I'm attempting to learn a few more. 

I want to help other people see their scripts come to life. All the projects I've worked on, I am filled with a little pride to see how happy the producers/writers are to hear their projects finally come to life. It's a good feeling.

I enjoy the whole thing from reading an audition to hearing the completed project.

The addage of 'face for radio' really got me to this point here - that and the idea of hiding behind the mic with a script. It allows me to perform and record on a schedule that suits me!

I am fairly relaxed person who likes to laugh, make other people laugh and I am approachable. Just hit me up a message and we'll see what we can do!


I am here to continue my passion for voice acting, so I am open for negotiations.

In the future, no doubt I will have a 'scheme', but for now everything is a bonus.


Less clients, more a list of credits:

(The Spark Network) The Lucky Die - Game Master
(Fool and Scholar Productions) The White Vault - The Documentarian

(Fool and Scholar Productions) The White Vault: Ashore Live Show - The Documentarian / Amy Dury

(The Spark Network) Taking Initiative: Meanwhile in Barovia - Vockette the Flaming Comet

(Bloodthirsty Puppets) Podgate: PG1 - Blood (the wife co-host)
(Fool and Scholar Productions) Liberty: Vigilance - Teal
(The Spark Network) Couch for It - Volonda 
(Fool and Scholar Productions) The White Vault: Artifact - Train Announcer

(Dreadlord 7) Story from The Depths - Jackie


Ullord: Curse of Blight - Narrator
The Dark Dice - Rowena
The Dreamers' City - Ellery

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Diglett

The Passage - Narrator

Plus a few other confirmed projects that are in the pre-announcement phase.


Casting Calls and Auditons

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