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I'm just starting out in the world of voice acting and I realize that I have much to learn, but I have a passion for this and I want to get better with each and every role. I'm still working on expanding my voice range but I'm confident in my current abilities. The current types of voices I generally use  fall into the young adult to the mid 20s range, however I can  play deeper voiced characters should the need arise. My comfort zone revolves around hot blooded heroes, nice but overly excitable young men, or psychotic villains (at least those are the kinds of characters I have the most fun with). I try my absolute best to ensure that I have good audio quality (no background noise, popping, echoing, etc) and I want to make sure that anyone who casts me gets my absolute best on all fronts. My voice acting inspirations are Troy Baker, Nolan North, Kyle Hebert, Steve Blum, Wally Wingert, Quinton Flynn, Sean Chiplock and many others. 

Current Roles:

Setzer Gabbiani: Still Thinking Films' Final Fantasy Still: Dissidia Machinima 

Father Shion: Silver Soul's Ys Origin Dub

Xigbar, Xaldin, Lexaeus, and Luxord: Dubiouscognomen's Alternate Age: The Cosplaying Connection (Kingdom Hearts Au+ Original Fiction)

Leon: Gotti's Persona: Light and Darkness

Del: Sheepsinfinity's Pokemon R.A.D Comic Dub

Taira Yoshiyuki: Hangman VA's Beck Abridged

Xander: Pym's Fire Emblem Fates: Support Conversation Fandubs

Hector Protagonist's Fire Emblem Blazing Sword Support Dub

Outrun: Taurianfilms' Transformers: Flashpoint

Vaccine Man: Animatedartisan's One Punch Man Abridged

Ultimate Mercenary (Infinite): AnimeDude241's Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite (Comic Dub)


Currently I have no preference on pricing. I simply audition for projects provided on the site, or if someone asks me personally.


Currently none


Currently none

Casting Calls and Auditons

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