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    copy editing
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    Writing Stories
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    English US
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Currently not accepting voicing requests for unpaid projects, except for Sonic (exceptions).

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/// About

I'm Cashlin Snow. Professional voice over actor. Independent, non-affiliated currently. Professional home studio. Timely, self-directed or live directed. Improv, Casting & voice director and producer.

/// What I Like

Completely original works of all types
Some franchises (if scripts/content is all original)
Some comic dubs (depends, case-by-case)

Sonic the Hedgehog related (some exceptions)

Will not participate in Gacha, Roblox, Minecraft,  Danganronpa, Hazbin Hotel, My Hero Academia, Among Us, FNAF, SIMS, Persona, Fire Emblem, Miraculous Ladybug, or MLP at this time.

/// Websites

Discord: CashlinSnow#1886


Rates for most popular content. Please message for rates for other content types:

Rates for in-studio recording. Not for per minute of finished audio (unless otherwise specified). Besides me editing out mistakes, you (project creator) are responsible for checking the audio.

ALL rates billed in half hour increments. Billing through Paypal or Wise in USD. No checks, money transfers, wires, etc.

Animation & Dubbing
--- Film/Animations: $30/hr
--- Comic Dubs: $20/hr 
--- Feature Film, Animation, Animation Series Dubbing: $60/hr 

Video Games:
--- Console, Apps: $40/hr
--- Scratch/Demos: $20/hr

Radio Dramas: $20/hour

Radio/Podcast Ads: $50 (30s minimum billing, every 30s spot)

Explainer Video:
--- $30 up to 90 seconds
--- Bulk per video length: $60 up to 175 words. Additional $25 per every 100 words thereafter.

Video Game Dubs: $40/hr

--- Intro/Outro: $25 up to 60s combined

YouTube Content:

--- Narration: 3-5 Minute Episodes: $100
--- Channel Intro/Outro (up to 60 seconds): $100

--- Per finished minute: $20
--- Per finished hour: $100
--- Per raw hour: $50

Directed Sessions:
$30/every half hour. If session is less than 30 minutes, still $30. Billed in half hour sessions.

Pick Ups:

--- Minor Pick Ups: $15/every half hour
--- Major Pick Ups (Rewrites, Large Re-Records: $30/every half hour


Current clients include, but are not limited to

100B 'Top Ten' Topics YouTube Channel (Paid Narrator Voiceovers)
Sonic Legacy (Director; VA: Aleena, Rouge, Sally, Misc)
Pixelrush (VA: Rouge, Sally, Cream, Vanilla, Sonia)
System509 - Sonic Ops (VA: Sally Acorn)
Bluehawk Audio Works (Assistant Director; VA: Rouge, Cream, Vanilla, Maria, Ash Ketchum, Misc)

BluStudios (VA: Rouge, Misc Voices)
Golden Rings Fandubs (Tails, Rouge)

Project M2 (Voice Director)


Selected Original Ongoing

Petra (52 Podcast)
Faith (
The Unexplored Cosmos)
Queen Marie Wright (Untied Warriors)
Scarlet Scalia (The Last Breath)
Enna Brooks & Extras (Perfect)
Madam X (Illustration)
Ghost of Queen Merideth (The Life That Rolls Away)
Queen Merideth (TLTRA Halloween Special)


Selected Fan Ongoing

(Sally Acorn) Sonic Ops: Ongoing
Aunt (Death of A Popstar Comic Dub)
Demon Teacher & Extras (Lovestruck)
Skye Trevenka, Angela Woole-Penley, & Misc (Wilde Times: An Unofficial Zootopia Audio Drama)
Sally Acorn (Sally Acorn: Tales)
Tikal (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Return of Chaos)


Selected Finished Projects

(Ms Saint Eve) HAXOR Comic Dub
VA: Rouge, Cream, Blaze, Misc
Charity Chaos Sonic Comic Dub

Casting & Voice Director, Producer, Voice Actor; VA: Aleena
Legacy Uncut: Broken Pedestal

Casting & Voice Director; VA: Rouge
Sonic Legacy's Welcome to Meph Mart!

Omochao (Team Sonic Racing)
(Omochao) Team Sonic Racing - The Big Picnic
(Varita) The Shadow! S4E8 - The Mine Hunters! [Radio Recreation]
Lena + Alix + Misc (Rebirth Comic Dub
(Blaze) Victory Garden Dub
(Vanilla) Chaotix Cookie Caper
(Rouge) Sonic: Forces of Darkness
(Sally Scrooge) Sea3on's A Christmas Carol
(Sally, Rouge) Shadow's First Christmas
(Blaze) Silver's First Christmas (2020)
(Thaddea) Babysitting Adventures
(Yuki) Yuki Hoshia Is Killed Ending
(Lena) Rebirth: Episode 29 
(Blaze) Sonic and Blaze Tea Time
(Mama) The Batman Neverland Episode
(Rouge) Omega's Pancake Problem
(Silvia) Persona 5 - Silvia Hoshikawa's Calling Card
(Sapphire) Sapphire Scarletta Sonic Forces Comic Dub Compilation
(Sally Acorn) Time Will Tell - Sonally/Sonamy
(Tails, Misc) Sonic the Hedgehog | E1: Fallout, Part One | Comic Dub
(Rouge) Sonic: Lonely Guardian

>> Voice Reels YT Playlist <<
>> Fan Projects YT Playlist <<
>> Original Projects YT Playlist <<


"It all started when I heard her do an announcer voice for a Sonic comic project. At the time, I was searching for a talented voice actor to play the role of my scientist original character for Persona 5 related videos. When I got a hold of her, she was more than happy to help me with my project. I gave her the script, and she absolutely went over and above any expectations I had for this character's voice. Her voice for my character Silvia was perfect. Seeing as that character voice from her came out so perfectly, I gave her the role of another female original character (Yuki). After giving her some specifics of what I was looking for, again my expectations were exceeded. Cashlin is an amazing voice actor who is very patient and willing to work with who gives her work. Because of her, I can no longer read text from my two female original characters without hearing the voices Cashlin gave them. She is an amazing voice actor beyond words and I highly recommend you take your voice acting needs to her! Cashlin makes the characters. She brought them alive when I thought I'd never have their personalities show up again. After I parted ways from a friend, these OCs had gone unused... but Cashlin brought them back to life!"
- Master Dimentio

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