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Where I came from:

I started voice-acting at a very young age, my passion for it driven through online projects.  I made a name for myself under the user GloryOfTheRainWings, doing projects mostly related to My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Warrior Cats, and those similar.  Since then, that YouTube channel has reached over 13,000 subscribers and I have garnered a list of projects under my belt.  
After about a year or so of working under the name Glory, I decided to try and pursue voice-over professionally.  I was represented by CESD Talent Agency for a time and got to privately audition for companies like Disney, so I have a lot of professional experience in the studio.
However, I became inactive on my channel and stepped away from voice-work around 2016 due to personal reasons.   Once life cleared up, I made the official move to my new channel, Ariana Nicole, and continued where I had left off with my passion for voice-over.  I have yet to pursue signing on with an agency due to the fact that I am in college pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre, but we'll see where life takes me within these next few years of school.

What to expect:
I have been studying the performing arts for approximately 8 years of my life.  I have attended acting classes, voice lessons, and private voice-over coaching to improve my knowledge and skill.  Though a lot of my education comes from the musical theatre background, I have vast knowledge in voice-acting as well.  Additionally, my voice-work often translates to the stage, as I have played many characters with various dialects, such as Annie Oakley, Sally Bowles, Princess Ariel, and most recently, Princess Belle.

Fun facts:
I am a person who wants to perform for the rest of her life in one way or another.  I have a not-so-secret dream of working for Disney as a princess performer, as I have a huge passion for working with children.  Additionally, I hope to find a lot of success in the professional voice-over world alongside a musical theatre career.  I want to continue to bridge the gap between the two professions.  I also have a love of casting and thus enjoy hosting my own projects as well, making me a well-rounded individual when it comes to putting art together.  Also, I almost considered pursuing a career in animation for a time and have created two short films, one of which I hope to develop into a children's series someday.  Lastly, I am incredibly passionate about vocal health and proper care of the voice.  I have learned lots of techniques on how to care for one's vocal cords and I am a strong advocate for taking care of our instruments.  We've only got one set of cords!

If there's anything more you'd like to know about that pertains to your project, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Thank you for reading!


At this time, I work mostly for free.

If payment is offered or the role is of a reasonable size, compensation is accepted and negotiable.


Ember: Crowfolly - Overgrowth
Studio (The Studio Star): LadyTeelia - Strong Hearts are Mandatory

Sarae: Alisa Autio - KALLA
Lapis Lazuli: Killian Poplyk - Various storyboard/comic projects

Peridot: Killian Poplyk - Various storyboard/comic projects

Samus: Killian Poplyk - Various storyboard/comic projects

Connie Maheswaran: Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons

Agent Kitty Katswell: Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons

Applejack: Magpiepony - Princess Trixie Sparkle, Pinkie Tales

Spike: Magpiepony - Princess Trixie Sparkle, Pinkie Tales

Applejack: My Little Investigations

Royal Ribbon: My Little Investigations

Spike: My Little Investigations

Applejack: Super Smash Ponies

Female Robin: WhiteRoseVA - Fire Emblem Awakening Fandub

Sol: Blixemi - Just One Heartbeat

Mistyfoot: Blixemi - Epic Rap Battles of Warriors

Cassandra: TheMusicReborn - "Ready As I'll Ever Be" Collab Cover


"Ariana Nicole is able to bring personality into the characters she plays, and her performance is professional.  I could not have wished for a better voice actress.  Fantastic communication and fast delivery, she's a pleasure to work with."

- Alisa Autio (Creator of KALLA)

"I've casted Ariana in several of my projects over the years, and even had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  She's a reliable voice actress with a great work ethic.  She takes direction well, and has quite the set of pipes when it comes to singing.  Definitely a strong choice if you're in the market for an actress or singer."
- Killian Poplyk (KayVox)

"I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Ariana Nicole, someone I have been working with for approximately 4 years.  Ariana was cast as the role of 'Applejack' in a My Little Pony fan project entitled 'Princess Trixie Sparkle', which has had wild youtube success with more than 17.8 million views combined.  From day 1, Ariana was an invaluable asset to the team, lending more than just her vocal talents, such as: her passion, her friendship, and her fan project skill.  She can sing flawlessly both in and out of character, and has filled-in for other roles when needed including a little boy voice for the character 'Spike the dragon'.  Ariana encouraged an open and friendly atmosphere among the project collaborators and assisted me in making it feel like a family.  She has always been reliable and dependable with the commitments she has made, and I always look forward to working with her again. Ariana has grown so much as an actress in the four years I've known her; it has been an honor to watch her learn and blossom and grow. I wish her success in her future endeavours and am more than happy to give her a glowing recommendation to any and all who request it."
- Marissa Gates (Magpiepony)

"Ariana has been part of Equestrian Dreamers for the past 3 years now, and she's been nothing but a joy to work with.  She carries quite an impressive range of voice, commitment to delivering lines and time and with consistent performances, and is always receptive of the feedback I give her.  When the need arose in our team to replace another voice actor, she stepped up and took over a role just as professional as the role she won the audition for."
- ZeusPegasus13 (My Little Investigations)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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