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Ariana Nicole George

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About Ariana Nicole George

Born and raised in Los Angeles with her three brothers, Ariana grew up as the compassionate, thick-browed, Cypriot & Greek girl who dreamt of performing in front of millions but had too bad a case of stage fright to actually make that a reality.  She would only let you listen to her sing as long as you did not clap. 

Now a recent summa cum laude BFA Musical Theatre with a Concentration in Voice-Acting graduate from Emerson College, Ariana can’t get enough of the applause.  In addition to performing live, at the age of 12 she started her online career as a voice-actress, garnering YouTube fame for her scarily accurate impression of Applejack from My Little Pony.  She adores bringing voices to the characters on screen and hopes to inspire young girls to follow their dreams as a strong princess or fierce warrior.  She currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in voiceover and musical theatre while finishing her novel series and animated television show scripts.   

In her free time, Ariana can be found performing for children’s birthday parties, drawing and songwriting, or cuddling her cat Adora, named aptly after the animated TV show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Emerson College - 2021

Instructed by

Received BFA in Musical Theatre with a Concentration in Voice-Acting.

Boston Casting - 2021

Audiobook Characters: A Tapestry of Storytelling

Instructed by Chris Ciulla
The Actor's Company - 2020

Animation VO Workshop

Instructed by Portia Scott
The Actor's Company - 2020

Method on the Mic: The Art of the Pivot

Instructed by Melique Berger, Portia Scott
Acting Business Bootcamp - 2021

Animation & Video Game Class

Instructed by Jason Sasportas
Closing Credits - 2022

Journey: Getting into Dubbing Ft. Morgan Berry

Instructed by Morgan Berry
Cassandra Lee Morris - 2022

3-Week Video Game Clinic

Instructed by Cassandra Lee Morris

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What Ariana Nicole George is looking for

Animation, Video Game, Dubbing/Anime Voice-Work

  • @adrianimations

    I've had the pleasure of working with Ariana as one of the Lead characters in my current project, and I couldn't have made a better decision. Ariana is dedicated, incredibly passionate, and on top of that has a wonderful personality! Working with her feels like a fun collaboration. She's up front and involved in every step of the process, and I've taken note that she's actively interested in our project, and that voice acting is the farthest thing from a chore for her. She loves what she does and I can see it in her work! I highly recommend her to anyone.