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Lucian Aryeh

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Hello! My name's Lucian and I'm an aspiring voice actor! I've done a few acting experiences like commercials, a sitcom and usually theatre plays! As for voice acting, I've done some too in short films and commercials alike. I enjoy playing games, watching animes and looking closely to details of their utterance all the while mimicking. I'm an english major and  I would love to delve deeper into the world of language through voice acting!!  (Payments via with Paypal)

  • @bluemouse

    Lucian Aryeh voiced a critical role in my indie short film!

    He had the fighting spirit in his voice acting that I greatly needed for a film focused on the action genre.

    For communication, he was understanding, patient, and open to talk casually. He understood what to do when given his lines and with lines that I purposely want him to improvise with.

    Mic quality is clear and has no audio issues when received too!

    Anyways, he's perfect to work with in small and large projects! I recommend him for whatever roles that suits him. Thanks a lot for the help dude!