Stefano Pellizzari

Stefano Pellizzari

I'm thinking of impending old age!I have other projects too though.

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About Stefano Pellizzari

Stefano Pellizzari is studying literature, communication and performing arts at the University of Trieste. Writer, director and actor with a background in theatre and cinema, founder of Briefcase Films, an indie production house focused on experimental and avant-garde
narrative short and feature films, music videos and documentaries, and Vice-President of the 49° Cultural Association, an incubator of independent film projects with the goal of co-producing and promoting local and international initiatives of particular authorial and experimental value, both based in Northern Italy. 

University of Trieste - 2021

Literature, Communication and Performing Arts

Instructed by Marco Fernandelli

I've been attending the course "Literature, Communication and Performing Arts" at the University of Trieste since the year 2021.

Technical Institute Antonio Zanon - 2020

Tourism Studies

Instructed by Giuliana Sabucco

I've graduated with a diploma in tourism studies with a score of 78/100.