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I'm Blythe, also known as Averius, and I am a fresh face within the vast and extravagant world of voice acting.

Making use of a smooth and charming voice, I've gained experience working on games, audiobooks, plays, and more. An easy to work with type fellow, I show great flexibility in my workflow, and I provide the highest quality material that I can within a quickly-responsive time period.

Projects are easily backed with a lighthearted attitude that can become professional and serious at the moment it is needed. If you're looking for someone who adds flavor to your characters and world, then please don't be hesitant to contact me!

Twitter: @AveriusVO

VO Contact email: (See website for contact info)
Website: https://blythemelin.com

Demos & Samples

Blythe M. | Commercial Demo | 2020

This demo contains an array of voices that can be applied to commercial/presentation related work. Many levels of emotion can be displayed, and a charmingly smooth voice is just what the crew needs to capture the audience's attention!

Blythe M. | Interactive Demo | 2020

This demo contains voices for video game and animation type projects. Whether you need an energetic sidekick or a vile villain, you'll likely find it in this demo!

  • @canariaproductions

    We've had the honor to work with Blythe on Masked Memory where he voiced one of the main characters (the mysterious Masked Figure) as well as one of the officers.

    To find a voice actor that brings your character to life is one thing, to find a master of the arts that brings multiple characters to life is a totally different tier.

    He delivered lines for both characters perfectly and with little direction. Not only that, but he added to Masked's lines bringing the character truly to life.

    His communication was much appreciated as he always kept us up to date. The recordings were delivered in record time with amazing quality. What more could you ask for?

    We really appreciate everything he’s done for us and will be working with him again in the near future. We highly recommend you do, too.

  • @tylerostonal

    Well, still in progress, Averius has done a great job portraying the TF2 Engineer. He had the exact image of what the Engie was supposed to be for me. I really do recommend this voice actor for all other projects!

  • @pcomstock

    A pleasure to work with! I approached him about a project and he was quick to respond. He provided excellent communication throughout the process. I don't want to forget his voice work, his voice is deep and smooth, which was perfect for the character I needed casting. The lines he provided me with were clear and crisp and his acting skills were on point.