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About Loor101


You can call me Loor and I am a resilient scriptwriter/storyteller, audio drama producer, & video editor since 2007. 

I am described by friends as a creative spirit with a passion for projects and a loyal heart. I am the writer/creator of the Broken in the Light webcomic series.
I've also produced audio dramas from fanmade such as Sonic Letting Go of/Unleashing Hope, to original ones like WhumpWorld. (now discontinued) I'm always trying new things and constantly finding new ways to improve myself as a person and as a creative director!

Please feel free to follow this profile to be notified of any new openings within my projects.

  • @ay-w

    Loor101 is an incredible storyteller and a very capable casting director! She is friendly to talk to and to work with, and pays voice actors in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Loor101 to anyone, as she is a casting director that can be trusted to get the job done!