A person using their skills to provide hope and understanding through the power of sound and stories.

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About Lucero

Hello, everyone!

I'm Lucero, which you may also know as Verida online. I've been a person of the arts for a long time in the fields of writing, music, and acting. I also speak Spanish fluently.

Rough outline

Acting for 12 years.

I was singing in chamber choir for 4 years, and before that gospel choir for 8 years. Two years are in overlap of both.


Mandolin (15 years)

Violin (10 years)

Piano (currently learning)

Guitar (currently learning)

I also know how to do music composition in Logic and GarageBand.

Writing: Published poetry to local creative magazine, and a one-act play. I have also created world building and campaign stories for several games for 5 years.

I'm no expert by any means, but I work well within a group and I'm always open for feedback.

To anyone checking this profile, thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day!


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What Lucero is looking for

I would like to work on any media under the sun that may require sound, so I can further my potential to greater places!

At first, I joined CCC as a way to place my acting and writing skills in a professional setting, and I still will audition. However, that is not my only goal anymore, as I aim to work professionally as a sound designer and engineer in any media that requires it.