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About x.lee_finn.x

Hello my name is Finn, I',m 17 years old and Intrested into voice acting and more! 

I do:
voice acting 
and a little bit of writing 

I've started voice acting in 2019, singing since 2010, art since 2019 actively and writing since 2019
I Love to help out in projects and hope to have a great time with all of you! My dream goal is to voice act in an anime one day. I have been in a few little projects and I wish to one day be in a rather bigger one! I'm from Germany but I don't really have an accent.(I can make one though!) 

Some languaes I speak: 
basics of french
a little japanese 
a little korean 
I can sing in almost any language that I have written above.

If you wanna contact me:
(Sadly can't say my email in this!)
Discord: x.lee_finn.x
Instagram: x.lee_finn.x
for my VA email please send me a privat message with the reason for it!

I hope to work with all of you and have a great time!

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    BEST. VOICE. EVER!!!!!!!!!