Lily Nite

Lily Nite

Voice actress and Singer. Four years in voice acting. I have a bright high-pitched voice and a Russian accent.  I like to attend different kinds of projects such as games, series, musicals, YouTube videos, cartoons.

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About Lily Nite

Hi! I'm Lily.
I'm a voice actress and a singer. I have a high and a bright voice. I play good girls and villains (and little kids too sometimes). I'm a native Russian speaker. I also like to attend projects that require singing.

Discord: Lily Nite#7066

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Email: brilliant_bear @

  • @OscarProjectVoice

    Lily is truly an incredible voice over artist, and I was feel very lucky to have had her involved in my project. Lily had one of the the largest roles within the project and was consistently excellent. Lily was punctual, always had excellent communication, and provided an exceptionally high level of work, always offering retakes if necessary. Lily is clearly very passionate about her work, and I would recommend her as highly as I can! If you have Lily on your project, you know for sure that your character is in safe hands.