I'm an aspiring voice actor! :> I've been in a few things already, the main one being the voice of Hyde in the The Glass Scientists Fandub, and if you'd like me to do some voice acting for you let me know! I'm just trying to get experience. For contacting me my email is: [email protected]

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I'm pretty cheap at the moment, depending on the project I'm fine with doing it for free or whatever price you find appropriate

What Leggy is looking for

I'm mainly looking for characters to voice, I'm voicing Edward Hyde for a few projects and I'm trying to expand that list. Just fictional characters is what I find the most appealing. I do vindictive/ cocky and mischievous voices the best!

  • @DrippingBrain

    Leggy has been one of my BESTEST friends for a little over a year now and one thing we enjoy doing is voice acting as both leasure and in an independent project we share with a group of friends. She is very dedicated and talented and can incorporate different characters and give them life.

  • @martin1889

    I have had the pleasure of working with Leggy and Drippy on an adaption of the Glass Scientists. She is great at the developing a character for somene her age. She is curious and a quick learner. I hope to work with her again in the future.