Whether it be through writing, art, acting, singing, or editing, creativity is something I use to express myself and help others do the same. Creative works say a lot about the people behind them and are presented in a way that invites people in. I aim to achieve all this in my work, no matter what

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About emiko

Portfolio: https://emiko-portfolio.carrd.co/

I also post some art on IG, though I'm not too active on social media besides direct messages, so DM me if you want more extensive samples of my work.

Discord/IG: koi.nee.ko

Vocal: I've been in Choir for a few years and have taken professional singing lessons for a couple years as well. I've been in small musical productions and been apart of an acapella club for years.

Theater: Acting has always been my dream. I've been in various plays and musicals annually, taking acting classes and volunteering in various stage and film productions. Emotions have always been easy to pick up on for me, and acting gives me a fun way to express them.

Art: Drawing is something I've always done in my free time, and is now something I consider both a professional skill and hobby as I know how to utilize various physical and digital mediums to produce art pieces that have been paid for and pleased my client. I've developed styles from cartoonish to realistic and can mimic other styles or change my own with ease.

Graphic Design: I've been the publicist of multiple organizations for 5 years, producing flyers and social media posters utilizing various programs to gain traction and interest. I've taken a professional college course on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and have designed my own slides themes.

Writing: I love rearranging and organizing words to tell a story and invoke a feeling. With my 5 in AP Lang and A in Critical Thinking (Second College English Course), I am confident in writing in a variety of styles and at various levels.

Editing: I've taken a course on Adobe Premiere Pro and also know how to use iMovie. This broadcasting class covered a range of other media skills as well.

Also currently learning how to animate!