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About Kittychan143

Hiya! I'm Kittychan but you I call me Kitty or Kitten. I love to voice act and sing. Currently, I do this just for a hobby but someday I would definitely love to make this one of my jobs! It's been my dream to voice act since I  was small! I am currently a college student, studying very hard to reach my dreams! 
Current Projects I'm in:


Ranma DoCo Fandub - Singer and Voice Actor (Ranma Saotome [Female]), Co-Director

Sailor Moon: Moonlight Denetsu-
Singer and Voice Actor and Co-Director
(Chibi Usa)


Animal Crossing: The Movie (Fandub)- Voice Actor (Ai)


Love x Friends - Voice Actor (Izzy Uzumaki)


Welcome to Ouran Academy -Voice Actor (Honey Mitsukuni)


Urara Meirochou Fandub -
Voice actor (Chiya)

Yotsuba -
Voice Actor (Yotsuba)

<Orion Zaxs>
Star Wars: The Clone Wars FANDUBS-
Ahsoka Tano (Voice Actor)

~Completed Projects~

オルフェア|ヒーローズ・オブ・ザ・ストーム - Voice Actor (Orphea)

JUST MONIKA (Random Encounters) [Cover] (SPOILERS!!!) - Voice actor/singer (Natsuki)


Monika's Prologue - Voice Actor (Natsuki)

<Pirate Canvas>

Project Molly - Voice Actor (Molly-chan)

  • @decent-pretzel

    To say that Kittychan is committed to her voice work is an understatement. She puts her heart and soul into her work, cares immensely about the characters she voices, ensures they have plenty of personality, and does all of this in a timely manner. When I sent her a script, she sent me back passionate and talented voice acting just barely a day later. If you have a cute character who needs a higher-pitched voice, I can't recommend Kittychan enough for you. (That's not to say she doesn't have range, though. If you want her to, she can even sing... flawlessly). So, please give her a shot :)