Kishiko Bushido

Kishiko Bushido

Join me on Twitch at! I stream Sun/Tue/Thu at 10pm EST / 9pm CDT / 8pm MST / 7pm PST. Come by to hear my voice, and have some fun! If you'd just like to listen, check out my demo reel below!

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About Kishiko Bushido

Hello! I'm Kishiko, an aspiring seiyuu (voice actor) looking for her chance to get into anime and gaming industries!

I have a demo reel put together, so be sure to check that out if you want to hear some of what I can do! I'm very excited to try new voices - so even if I don't feature a certain tone or character type in the reel, if you think my voice has the capacity for a certain role, I'd be more than eager to give it a shot!

You can also check out my voice when I go live on Twitch!
Sun/Tue/Thu at 10pm EST / 9pm CDT / 8pm MST / 7pm PST
I do a mix of gaming, voice acting, and singing -
so feel free to put in a request in stream if you want to hear me try something!

Though I am 18+, I don't do NSFW content.

I also prefer roles that do not require profanity.

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer.
Don't be shy to send me a message!

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! (I look forward to working with you!)

New Group Education - 2019

Monologue Workshop

Instructed by Liza Miller

I did two, week-long workshops with this program (one in 2019, and another in 2020). I gained valuable experience acting in front of others and in portraying emotion more in my voice.


Compensation really depends on the nature of the project.

I may work without compensation, especially if the project is highly interesting, light and fun!

Usually though, I will want to negotiate pay depending on what you can afford and what the project entails.

If there are strict specifications, tight deadlines, and little flexibility, please understand that I may ask for more compensation.

If there's the possibility that pay might become involved, we can negotiate to make sure the arrangement works well for everyone involved :D

What Kishiko Bushido is looking for

I'd love to work in anime dubbing, and eventually I hope to get good enough to do both English and Japanese. At the moment, I'm looking to do any wholesome anime, animated cartoon, or game voicing role.

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    I met them on hyper online I'm looking for a voice actress for my light novelĀ