Welcome aboard! I'm KingHuffle and I'm a YouTube animator, Voice actor, Producer and Writer. need me for anything? Shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do! 

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About KingHuffle

Hi there
I'm KingHuffle also known as Quinn and I'm a Voice Actor! Here are some of the projects I'm starring in:

Taj Adventures Reboot/ Taj Adventures Stories (????) (On Hold) Voicing: Quinn, Jace, Ben, Zac, Dan, Samuel, British Panda, Pikachu, Scooby, Redbeard

I'm also Making some Projects of my own:

The Spirit Warriors: (2023) (Editing) Voicing: Quinn, Jace, Rampage
Warrior Adventures: (Anytime) (Planning)
Word Of The Week: (2022) (Finished)
The Spirit Slayer: (????) (Recording Lines)
Thanks for your time!


I'll do anything for any price, I don't really care about the money!

  • @melody-rainelle

    I have enjoyed working with KingHuffle on several projects! KingHuffle manages projects well, is a writer, a content creator and also voice acts. Love seeing projects come to fruition! Highly recommend. :D