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About Kimi Moons

Hey there! I'm Kimi Moons, an 18+ aspiring voiceover artist. I already have some experience doing voice work for characters in upcoming indie games, performing covers of popular songs, and recording sound clips used for virtual avatars, for example.

My goal in life is to be a recognizable voice for characters in tv shows and movies, video games, and anything else really! I'm always interested in gaining more experience in the VOA field, especially to add to my expanding portfolio. 

I specialize in cute, enthusiastic female roles, but I'm comfortable trying other types as well. Please don't hesitate to contact me about any paid or unpaid projects you think I may be a good fit for.

You can find my social media below, but I prefer to be contacted via Discord.

Feel free to contact me on Discord.
My username is Kimi Moons#4004

Click here for more places you can find me.

  • @Cylitrix

    I had met her first in VRChat! :D
    (As seen here.)

    Then, while was editing, thought I'd watch my last video (mentioned above), search up each person's usernames (cause I was curious), and happen to stumble upon the "Kimi Moons" on Google I believe, and everything! :D

    Went to her Discord server, greet myself, and received welcome arms from the community. Lata becomes friends with some of them.

    Since I had seen she does voiceovers, I believe I had asked, and she was very kind enough to share her voiceover audio clips with me to use in my video projects! <3

    So, HERE IT IS - with some of her voice lines in here! :D

    Hopefully, I'd do more with her! She is very kind, sugaii, kawaii...!~ <3333