Soundtracks on opposite sides of the spectrum. Intense and pulse-pounding, or relaxed and floating.

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About KillerCottonn

Man of many hats, music composition and production especially.

Been working for years with synths, pianos, and drums. My roots lie in video game soundtracks, especially in atmosphere. Taking inspiration from anything--abstract eurorack setups, relaxing sleep music, or heavy and pulse-pounding metal. Range in genre and style is sort of my secret weapon when it comes to music.


My rates depend entirely on what you're asking me to do and how long it takes me to make, but a factor I'll take into account as well is your budget. I can still stay affordable while producing something of quality, without a doubt.

What KillerCottonn is looking for

I'm looking for soundtrack gigs, especially ones with a lot of creative freedom. While I still appreciate some sort of direction and specifics, I'd also like to have a few opportunities to experiment and try something that you and your audience have never heard before. My specialties lie in electronics of course, though orchestral pieces, rock music, and whatever else is needed are no problem for me either.