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About Khorrus

Hello! If you're reading this and looking for the wide variety of roles and projects I've been a part of, then you are sorely mistaken. I am the very definition of a novice VA looking to jump right in and expand his capabilities bit by bit. Despite having no experience regarding voiceovers, I have been part of choirs since 8th grade and have performed with acapella groups for almost three years as either the bass or the vocal percussionist, so that's something. If you're still reading...that's it. I hope your day is merry!


4 cents (USD) per word at the lowest.

  • @kotafett

    I am currently working with Khorrus on a project and i highly recommend them. They are extremally polite and coruler. In working with them i found they are not only full of creativity but, true talent as well. Anyone who chooses to cast them will find that they bring something special to the project. They are not afraid to go above and beyond. Where most individuals will focus just on completing the task and getting done, they are not afraid to help make a simple project truly inspiring. I would highly recommend Khorrus to anyone on a project.