I am new to Voice Acting, but very passionate.  Looking forward to bringing your creations to life!!

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About Khanstance

New to the world of Voice Acting, I am working diligently to daily improve my skills. I have enjoyed performing for as long as I can remember and the more I learn about this craft, the more I absolutely love it.

I am working on my education to add to my skillset and plan on further education and training as time and budget will allow.

Theater Gym - 2024

Introduction to Voice Acting

Instructed by Shaun Mendum

  • Learn about the voice acting industry. 

  • Discover simple things you can do right now to improve your voice acting. 

  • Work with a script and learn how to transform the way you read it.

Theater Gym - 2024

Voice Acting Foundations

Instructed by Shaun Mendum

In this four week course we covered : Commercial Voice over (eg. Advertisements, learning hard and soft sell techniques as well as E-Learning), Audio book narration, Audio Drama and Video Game character work.  In each of these areas we were given scripts which were performed in front of our class and instructor.  We would then receive direction and show our ability to adapt and take said direction.  We were also given the opportunity to work on additional scripts to be submitted to our instructor for further improving our skills.

Private Instructor - 2024

Audiobooks Workshop

Instructed by Ginger Sue

In this class we were given instruction on how audiobook narration differs from other types of voice over work.  The class were given scripts to analyze and perform.  Once more, direction was given and we did multiple takes adapting as directed by our instructor.  

Gravy for the Brain - 2024

How to Interpret Copy Workshop

Instructed by Tobey Ricketts

This short workshop was focused on teaching the students how to read a script and ascertain intent for a better, more professional read.

Private Instructor - 2023

Introduction to Video Games VA

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

Class where we learned extensive warmup techniques as well as skills specific to doing in depth work on character voices for the video games industry.

Private Instructor - 2024

Confidence with Accents

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

Workshop on practices of how to work with and develop different accents for use in voice over work primarily in the video gaming industry

Private Instructor - 2024

Vocal Techniques in Character VA

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale

 Brief overview of the content - Quick warm-up icebreaker - Mic technique for different types of voice overs (shouting, whispering, talking) - Resonators and how to access them - Applying these new skills - Rapid fire rounds, where each student will take turns delivering characters lines using one or more of the three resonators. You will have multiple chances to perform, with direction. - Discussing how that affected the performances - General Q&A

Private Instructor - 2025

Analyze your Voice Quality

Instructed by Rachael Messer

Workshop includes learning about your natural voice, different voice resonators, Tempo, pacing, cadence, full voice/optimal pitch.  Other topics covered Tone or tonality, breathing styles (eg. breathy vs dry)  vocal texture, weight of  voice, etc)  All areas and elements of voice and how to use it for different industries.


Just looking to work and learn.  Happy to taken on both paid and unpaid projects.  Seeking to learn and improve.  Please if you would like to discuss any projects feel free to email me at [email protected] or hit me up in discord as Khanstance.

What Khanstance is looking for

My voice is naturally low, warm and velvety. I can do bold, brave, fearless characters but also shy and softer spoken.  I enjoy childlike characters and creatures immensely.  I am interested and open to a wide variety of projects such as anime/ fan dubs, horror, fantasy, narration willing to try most anything.  I am passionate about bringing life to the characters and learning so that I may be ever improving.