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About Studio Penrose

Hello, I'm Khang, the studio lead for Studio Penrose!

Studio Penrose is an independent VR film studio striving to make new and unique lore-driven stories. Our group is comprised of many members of all backgrounds who work together to create films for all audiences to enjoy. We love sharing our stories at festivals and received the 'Best Short Film of VR' award at the 2023 Raindance Film Festival.

Our films take place in the fictional metropolis of New Millenia, a universe set in a near-but-futuristic time period. Filled with romance, heartbreak, law, crime, wealth, poverty, and much much more, this city never sees a dull day (and neither do its inhabitants). 

Please sit back, grab some popcorn, and follow the adventures of our many distinct characters as they traverse the city of New Millenia!


Studio Lead Discord: Khang Lu

Released Projects:
The Penrose Protocol (2023)
Voicemail (2022)
In a Perfect World (2022)
Emergence (2023)

Project Penrose (Release Date TBA) 
Project VIN(Release Date TBA)