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Call me Kel! I'm a voice actor who loves cartoons and musicals :]

What KelseyKeplerVA is looking for

i'd just like to have some more experience! however i'd especially like to voice more silly creatures and/or characters :D

  • @claudaraderie

    Ky is a great friend of mine and did voice lines for a project I'm working on. Lines were delivered professionally and clean and service was extremely punctual. If you're looking for a versatile and friendly VA for your project, they will not disappoint! 

  • @OriginOfMajesty

    It's hard for me to answer the "how do you know this person" due to the sheer volume of interactions we've had; they've helped develop my projects, and I theirs, and we've worked together on others', not to mention we do go back a couple years on top of all of that. Ky is a very passionate and artistic person whose silliness, care, and effort knows no bounds.