Katherine Elise

Katherine Elise

Voice Actress, Director, Writer

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About Katherine Elise

Hello! My name is Katherine Elise

I am a voice actress and vocalist based in the Philippines. Though I am Filipino, I am also half-American, giving me a unique ability to express a wide range of emotions in my voice acting.

I am also the director of DreamsPath Studio, a production with a mission to spread positivity and uplifting messages through various forms of media. Whether it be through drama, comedy, or any other genre, our goal is to inspire and entertain people all over the world.

If you are interested in working with me or my studio, please feel free to reach out to me on my social media platforms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction!


I do unpaid and paid projects. For paid projects, I'd do a $2 USD per line

What Katherine Elise is looking for

I'm accepting any type of project as long as I know how everything would work, except for NSFW contents. 

  • @Zen_J

    I've worked with Katherine for a bit and known her for upwards of 2023 and I'd have to say; she's AMAZING to work with! Though she says she can be quite strict, I find her passion and direction amazing to be around in terms of VA or VO. Not only is she an amazing friend, she's a tidy director with passion and tons of love for her projects!

    I feel honored as her first recommendation and I promise YOU won't be disappointed with her on-board. Not only is she an amazing VA, she's a brilliant writer, director and producer! Her vocals are to die for and I can't be any happier to call her a colleague, close friend, co-worker, and everything else!