Old, obscure, and unpopular games over on my YouTube!  https://youtube.com/Kasia3127

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My name is Kasia (pronounced like Tasha with a K) and I do a lot of different things!

My main focus is my YouTube channel where I play old, obscure, and unpopular games. Just hit 1k subs as of Dec 2021! 😊

Here's a post from me on reddit that sums things up with a bit more readability.

Here's my clyp.it for different auditions I've done and parts I've recorded.
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The voice of:
 Kasia Pinder
from Maids II - Deception

 Maren from Interesting NPCs

 Talking Knife from Russell

Freya from Still Waters Run Deep 

 Eleria from M'rissi's Tails of Troubles

 Dawn from Tales of New Reno Ep. 2

Nicole from Welcome to Ridgeview

Cathy Ross from Morgan Town Mod

Female Enclave Soldiers from America Rising: A Tale of the Enclave 

Princess Ardalinne from Arweden 

Amelia and Charlotte from RandomPanser                      

Vermillion Frost companion, created by Vermillion

NSBKF Announcer in Northern Springs DLC, created by jshrapnelc

Europa companion, created by Vermillion

Danna, Gabrielle, Juliana, Mya, Nicole, and Sabrina from Bigger Goodneighbor, created by Taryl80

One of two winners from the 2017 Christmas Carol Contest. Here's the winning audition.

  • @lelcat

    Good emotional range and great technical quality of recordings.