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Kanashi Atisuto


Actor, artist, queer, Mallorquin mix dog parent, mod, streamer, vegan & writer 🎭🎨🏳️‍🌈🐶🎮✒

YouAct! - 2015

weekly acting classes + yearly stagings

Instructed by Markus Kayl


weekly acting classes + yearly stagings


body language, confidence, stage work, voice etc. training

2016 staging - "Männer WG" monologue

2017 staging - "Koloss" monologue

2018 staging - turned songs into scenes

2019 staging - "Rotkäppchenskandal"

2020 no staging due to the pandemic

2021 staging - various scenes: doctor (me) with a crazy patient, song "Männer sind Schweine" turned into a scene, Lady & Maid (me, secret romance), High School Musical dance