The name's Kaitlyn-Grace! Kaitlyn's more than fine, or just Kait if you wanna be that personal. I look forward to meeting anyone willing to meet me!

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About Kaitlyn-Grace

I've been going through transitioning from a boy to a girl for about a year now as of September 2022, I think that's a few points to the 'personal voice training' category, even before my Dungeons and Dragons days. I do my absolute best to give every character that I have or that I've replicated an (at least somewhat) original voice and energy with my performance, and I've been told that I'm pretty good at it. I would never know for sure until I actually try doing something professional, so here I am now!

My specialties are monsters and deeper baritones, but I can reach pretty high in pitch. Although I'll be honest, it *might* be a little difficult for me to grab a specific voice if I think about it  too much. Anxieties and self doubt, and all that. But if you can be patient with me, I'll do my absolute best to satisfy your needs, and I won't quit until it's done! (Or if the rates are low, ahuhu.~)


I'm more than happy to do a few roles for free, but if it's ever a paid role I hope it's calculated to be above minimum wage. Voice actors in general get duped a lot when it comes to pricing and I'm a *very* analytical/skeptical person. (Unless it's a fixed price for a single position of course, I'm not *stingy* hehe)

What Kaitlyn-Grace is looking for

I would love to work with anyone, for literally anything. I'd like to think I'm flexible enough with my preferences that they wouldn't get in the way of literally any role I'd be wanted for. I joined the casting call club simply because being a voice actor has been a dream of mine ever since it was a feasible thing that anyone could really do with enough effort. (Even if the first audition I did, I accidentally uploaded it twice. I feel like a ding dong.)