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About KaelusKRS

Hello! My name is Kurt Scheidler and I'm in college right now majoring in Computer Information and Technology. I'm taking a few classes here on CCC and working to get better and better. I plan on taking more voice acting classes and I'll hopefully never stop taking classes and learning more. Thank you for checking out my profile! Have a great day!

Also as a side note, I am looking for a group to practice voice acting with. Not anything too serious, just doing dubs of some anime scenes or something. I wanna get better while having fun! Anyone who might have an interest don't be afraid to ask! You can message me here or add me on discord!

My Discord: KaelusKRS (Kurt)#6068


Free! Just doing it for experience!

What KaelusKRS is looking for

I'm looking for all sorts of voice acting roles, I want to expand my range and ability as much as possible! 

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    Kurt works very hard and gives 100% in every audition he applies! He's so eager to start a project and isn't afraid to try new things. I highly recommend KaelusKRS for your next project if you're looking for a skilled, open-minded, professional voice actor.