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Entertaining minds, healing hearts, and nurturing souls...Welcome to Alluring Deep.

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Please understand that if you are any younger than 15 that you cannot join nor be involved in any shape or form with this series.

To learn more please click the link to the project below!

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We don't need money, we just really want to entertain the people!

What Alluring Deep is looking for


We are looking for people like us who are just as enthusiastic as us about entertaining the people with some new material like this entire series!

We've all worked to the best of our ability however, we still need some help as we cannot successfully make this series alone Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be involved with this series but we have faith that we can find people who work to the best of their ability as well. We just want to see this project be the best project, and to gain new experience from being involved with it.


We don't expect it to be good, we expect it to be amazing, to inspire more people into following their passions and dreams. Even though this series holds a lot of serious topics, we want to give the people some solace with this cartoon fantasy, and as the Head Director myself I can say that after a while of working as a director who's in charge of everything that all of the meetings I've had never been professional, but they have been progressive and I have seen progress within this series in all groups. Everyone in the meetings would get something out of it and learn something new, or maybe even just enjoying it and that's what this is all about. We don't care who you are or how you look, we care about your dedication and who you are inside. The whole point of this series is to get something out of it, not nothing. So please consider following us on all socials rather your interested being involved with the series, being in the series, or just being in the fandom.

We care for you all equally <3


The Head Director and PR Team of Alluring Deep