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Hi folks! My name is Kristen (she/her) and I live in Dallas, Texas. According to my husband, I am Donna Reed with an attitude. I enjoy baking, watching movies and anime, reading books, and taking care of my family because they take care of me too!

People I come across at home ask me where I'm from because they say I don't sound like I have a southern accent. Outside of Texas, however, others easily identify me as a southerner. Some people think it's cute, and others still ask me if we all ride around on horses and wear cowboy hats. In all honesty, I do have a well-worn pair of black cowboy boots.

Thanks for taking a look and giving me a chance to read for you!

Feel free to message me on Discord at KMart#9543 or on Twitter @K_MartyMart. looking forward to hearing from you!

Closing Credits - 2020

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2019

Intro to Voice Acting

Instructed by Joe Goffeney

This was the very FIRST voice acting class I took, and I'm so happy I did! Joe was a wonderfully patient instructor with the lot of us. Working in breakout groups before reading a monologue to the class helped to ease much of the tension many of us were feeling. It was well worth the time and money!

Sunny Blue Studios - 2019

Voice Acting Boot Camp

Instructed by Rachel Messer

This class was designed to help those interested in the art of voice acting. They ran an hour and a half long helped teach the basics of creating voice acting characters. It also helped each student explore our range and learn techniques for creating new voices we could make and strengthened our voice while showing how to avoid vocal damage.

DE-CRUIT - 2021


Instructed by Stephan Wolfert

DE-CRUIT is a non-profit organization geared towards assisting veterans work through trauma via Shakespeare. I, myself, am not a veteran, but was lucky enough to be able to attend the 6 week long course. Stephan and Dawn are just fantastic people. Upon completing the course, I was able to recognize where and how I hold on to my own trauma in my body and how using Shakespeare, in particular, can help me work through it when my anxieties get the better of me.

- 2021

Intro to Voice Acting

Instructed by Chuck Huber

In this single-session intro to VA, Chuck demonstrated a variety of breathing techniques, spoke on becoming comfortable with our own voices and expanding our limits, as well as answering a plethora of questions fired his way.

  • @redphoenix15

    I've only known this woman for only a few weeks, and I've already grown intrigued by her voice and talents. Kristen has the tenacity, confidence, and discipline to get her task done. She provides the voice of my Soulcalibur OC: Miya Sakai; along with Panne and Flavia from "Fire Emblem Awakening".

    As Miya, she delivers really awesome sound effects in her battles, as well as show the intense and serious personality to her character. Her time will come soon to voice Panne and Flavia.

    She doesn't hesitate to ask me questions, nor wanting to find out specific details of what she needs to accomplish. She's very excited about what she's doing right now, and I'm proud to have been the first person to post a content with her in it, and there will be many more to come soon.

    Kristen, trust me when I say this, the best is yet to come. And I look forward to working with you more.

  • @cdo947214

    Excellent voice actress. Prompt delivery of lines. A pleasure to work with.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Even in a small role, Kristen brought her A-game to my Lufia project as Erim, an evil goddess with a serpentine side. Pleasant to work with and willing to listen to direction in making sure her performance is the best it can be. Prompt in delivering her lines and will always give you multiple takes - it's hard to pick just one! Working with Kristen was a great pleasure and I look forward to hearing more from her soon.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    She's Very Talent. a Voice Actor With Good Timing & Work Put Into Her Voice-Work. Would Work With Her, Again. ;)

  • @zaydin47

    KMart is an amazing voice actor. She played the unfeeling , cold-blooded villain Ebels in my production of Master Of Eternity for the past year. She was able to play this character so incredibly well that I felt chills down my spine whenever I heard her voice act. Her intonations were absolutely perfect as well as the range of emotions portrayed by this villain. She was extremely kind and responsive during the project and was able to take direction very well. She was a good communicator also which made for a perfection of her character and on time giving of lines. I would definitely recommend her for any future projects.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    K Mart is talented and it definitely shows in her work and her attitude. She has been an absolute treat to have on the VA staff of my team. She's been real friendly and easy to work with since she was casted and was able to fill a couple roles with ease. From a tribal woman seeking revenge on a Centurion in FNV to a military Colonel going on a dangerous trip, she was able to fill, voice, excel, and earn this recommendation. I definitely recommend giving her a chance if she auditions for your project, she will definitely knock you dead.

  • @skullface

    KMart is a great voice actress and she's done great work as Ionia on Alfhild. She is a great communicator and has always turned in her lines on time and has great sound quality. She has shown great range as Ionia and she portrays the character with emotions and range beyond what was written. Any casting director looking at a VA, I would give her my glowing recommendation and would recommend her anytime

  • @danman529

    K Mart is perhaps the most amazing voice actress I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She took all direction well, and delivered her lines flawlessly and perfectly each time. Her voice work is of extremely high quality, and her ability to adapt to various scenes proves she is a skilled voice artist.
    She voiced the lead villain in our production, and at first we went back and forth on delivery, mainly because we were trying to find the motivation for this character, but after the second attempt she nailed the role! She brought this villain to life in ways we couldn't imagine! We even went back and wrote some new scenes for her because it was clear she stole the show to this production!
    She is an outstanding team player, and a lot of fun to work with. Her professionalism and positive attitude were amazing to have on this production. If you have the chance to work with her, do not hesitate! She will perform amazingly!
    She is an absolute amazing human being, and an extremely talented individual. Even though we've only worked for a short time, I knew she was dedicated and talented from the start.
    I hope we will get to work together again soon. It'll be an honor to have her on any production!