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About Jyran

I’m an guy with an extraordinary talent of reciting things I love from Tv, video games, & internet vids. Friends in High School say I should be a Voice Actor so I doing it. If anyone needs an voice actor who can take a male role for a child, teen, or young adult, I’m your guy + I love being around Family & Friends 

Thanks for letting me help u guys out by the way I got a YouTube channel for gaming & all other cartoon stuff that I might show off
Jyran 2.0 is the name of my YouTube Channel with 725 subscribers 
Here is a link to a animated video that I am in this video is the 1st animation that I audition for in my voice acting adventure 



Any price is good 4 me 

What Jyran is looking for

Any cool project that involves VO in cartoons, anime, or Video games, 

Whether I get paid or not from said projects I just wanna be heard & entertain people