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Just Me Chase

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About Just Me Chase

Hi, it's Just Me Chase!

I'm a man that constantly works on projects, and enjoys creative and quirky stories. My passion is the film industry, but have recently been interested in video game aspect of storytelling. Been recording, editing, and creating work since high school, and have been taken my knowledge to college. Now I'm working on expanding myself and seeing where I'm needed.
I'm always willing to try new approaches!

What Do I Do?
Editing: Second hand to me, but I always learn new things every time.
Motion Graphics: Still learning, but have a decent understanding and would love to work on new projects.
Making Skits: Every once in a while I write up an idea with a few of my friends into script format. Just in case if I got time to record them. (I never do. lol.)
Scriptwriting: Writing an idea versus creating it in a cohesive manner is difficult, but I am no stranger to the format.
Actor in Several Short Films: Helped a few students during college, usually saying three lines.
Photo Manipulation: Basically, Photoshop. Nothing over the top, but exploring.

Current Projects

Screw It! Brew It!: A YouTube channel where a few friends of mine "discover" what extra ingredients to add to a cup of coffee. Anywhere from: Ramen, PB&J, chilidogs, etc.

I Am Trying [I.M.T.]: Basically, video gameplay and funny moments. Planning to turn it into all the dumb side projects I've done.