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About JuniperStars

———————————ABOUT ME—————————————————-

  Hello! My name is Juniper, I am 18, my birthday is October 17th. 

My sex is straight, and my pronouns are she/her

  I have been into voice acting for a long time but got into it as a hobby in 2020. I love to bring characters to life! And would be more than happy to audition for characters you think my voice would fit with.

——————————WHAT I AM WILLING TO DO—————————
I will audition for basically anything. Whether it is Minecraft Roleplays, Gacha life series/movies, animation, etc.

————————WHAT I AM NOT WILLING TO DO————————
  I will NEVER audition for gay characters, people who cuss a lot, or people who are in a relationship and take it too far in their romantic side.

I am free 24/7 unless out, working, or doing school (I am homeschooled)

Thank you for checking out my profile, and I hope you are having an amazing day/night/evening!!


I do this for free, but will not turn down payment when given to me.