Cassie Snowspark

Cassie Snowspark

Fun, emotional, and great at fake crying (he/xe)

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About Cassie Snowspark

I currently voice act for fun! I won't show up anywhere in real life, I'm just recording from my phone (the phone mic is shockingly high quality) and sending the audio files over.

I'm an older teenager (not giving my exact age for internet safety's sake). I will not do NSFW projects under any circumstances.


While my main passion is voice acting, I can do other things!

I do singing occasionally, though I'm not the best at it. I'm best at singing softly, and can't really do a LOT of complicated stuff. But if you need ominous humming, a comforting lullaby, soothing background vocals, or just general sweet singing, I'm your guy!

I can also write! Here are examples (though warning, the third one gets really dark):

Though, again, my main passion IS voice acting,



  • EMAIL: joyflameball[] (Had to break this one up a bit, since CCC won't show my email otherwise, but this is the preferred method of communication!)


  • DISCORD: @JoyFlameball

  • Or just DM me on this very site!

A note about my Discord: It isn't the most reliable method of contacting me, as the only way to DM someone you're not in the same server as is through friending them, and due to wanting to preserve my internet safety and privacy, I don't usually accept friend requests from strangers. (However, if there's a Discord server linked on the project page, I will try to join that!)

The best way to contact me is through shooting me an email. I get notifications for that on my phone, so the chance of me seeing that is extremely high.


I currently work unpaid, as I'm just doing this for fun.

What Cassie Snowspark is looking for

Currently looking to voice act on fun projects people have started up in their free time!