Just your average anime and video game enthusiast fallen by the wayside.

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About Josh-Kane-Z

I'm just your run-of-the-mill video game fan and anime enjoyer who wants to try moving into the field. I love to play all sorts of rpgs and games, though I certainly have a soft spot for the asian side of the industry and all the wonderful work they put out. My personal favorite series include Ar Tonelico, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Fate/All-Around Type-Moon, Xenoblade/Saga/Gears, Granblue, Punishing: Gray Raven, Devil May Cry, Digimon, and much much more. Grew up with some experience in middle-high school with acoustic guitar, percussion, and choir practice though have since been many years out of practice with the instruments. Been working across retail the past 5 years between sales, tech repair, and then on-call support agent. Formerly a certified Photoshop Associate and Microsoft Office Specialist since May 2014.


I'm not really too experienced at the moment so I'll generally defer to a project-by-project estimate based on the amount of work needed and whatever is offered to determine if it's a fair and equitable arrangement.

What Josh-Kane-Z is looking for

Video games, anime, other possible media, and I'm open to some indie content creator work if I find it to be an interesting project and sounds like a fun time that I could enjoy. What I eventually would like after garnering experience is to be able to make a career out of this path and possibly hopefully one day break into other industries such as possibly voicework in Japanese once I get better with the language. 日本語上手いない。