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Variable Zero

I'm an amateur voice over artist who's looking to go pro.

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About Variable Zero

I am an amateur voice actor looking to work my way up to the professional standard. As of right now, however, I'm just looking to get into whatever project I find interesting. I wish not to disappoint, and hope that you have a pleasant day.

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  • @charaito

    I had the pleasure of working with Variable Zero on a personal project of mine. Variable Zero voiced a regal King in my project, and this role included engaging narration, intense moments that included shouting, getting wounded, labored breathing, as well as softer and gentler moments, showing his acting range. This role had a hefty number of lines, and not only did he turn in lines early, but he was also very responsive to direction, allowing me to give detailed feedback and tweak any lines if it was necessary. He even caught a pronunciation mistake early in the recording process and submitted a redo with the correct pronunciation without being asked. Remarkable. If you’re looking for a responsible, versatile, and dedicated actor, seek him out. I would gladly work with him again, and I’m excited to show off his work!