Voice Actor, Audiobook Narrator, On-screen Actor with theater and arts background. 

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The World’s a Stage

Accomplished, multi-lingual voice actor with over 3+ years of experience, native to America and speaking English as his primary language, Spanish as his secondary. Noted for his agreeable, deep, warm personas. A versatile performer with a distinct vocal style.

Ever since I was young, I have been entertaining and have not looked back since. I love acting; there is something so unbelievably gratifying about playing different roles, while putting my own twist on each performance. 

Throughout my career, I’ve constantly pushed myself as a sublime Voice Over Artist in order to hone my craft - from meticulously studying the great performances to taking on a wide variety of roles. I’ve worked hard at developing my own artistic voice and making sure I stand out in the acting scene. Check out my career highlights below.


Crown North Talent Agency

1045 N El Dorado St. Ste 12 

Stockton Ca, 95202


(209) 461-7272

(209) 461-7280

Website: Crown North Talent Agency


Drama & Theatre | Arts

Performance Experience: 

On-Screen: Television Commercial (Arch Creek Lumber) – Role: Sales Associate

On-Screen: Social Media Commercial (Vets Matter) - Role: Military Veteran with PTSD

Voice Over: Audio Drama -

The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin - The Mysterious Traveler | Jakespeare VTC – Role:

  • Commissary

Judge: 9th Annual SOVAS™ Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Awards

Voice Over: Mobile Video Game Glorious Adventure - Roles:

  • Robinson, Mage

  • Flash, Mage

  • Kaiser, Warrior

  • Tresh, Priest

Voice Over: Mobile Video Game (In Progress) - Role:

  • Pangu Axe

Voice Over: Animated Series - Cartoon Network - Roles: (In Progress)

  • To Be Announced (NDA)

Voice Over: Mobile Video Game (In Progress - Role:

  • Robo Bunny

Voice Tonality:

Deep to Medium Low to Mid-Range (Tenor), Higher Octave (Dark Protagonist, Tower, Immovable)

Languages: English (US, UK), Spanish

Home Studio:

BOYA BY-M1000 condenser XLR mic., Vidpro XM-55 Shotgun XLR mic., shock mounts and pop filters,  Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Audio Interface, Depusheng HT7 Digital MP3 Player 7-Channel Bluetooth Portable Audio Mixer w/USB DJ Sound Mixing Console, 5 panel mic isolation shield. Soundproofed, Chromebook Laptop, WavePad (DAW).

  • @Vorrick

    I've known him for many years, and he's a very dedicated voice actor. You'll be immersed into a distant world by his voice.